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Indiana has some of the most beautiful lake homes for sale and lakefront property in the Midwest. Click on any Indiana lake link below and find information including, history, fishing, boating and recreation. Under the lake maps you will find a list of lake real estate and lake homes for sale, or rent. When you find a lake property you are interested in, use the contact button and follow up with the owner or real estate agent. Please mention you found the lake property at If you care to submit information about any of Indiana's wonderful lakes, please use the contact button. We also welcome listings for lake businesses, marinas, boat ramps, and real estate brokers that represent lakefront property. View the 'lake house videos' to learn about buying lakefront property and see how LakeHouse411 can be the right marketing tool for your lake property. Indiana features lakes Big Otter, Kathy, Juno, Koontz, Rockville, Round, Pike, Papakeechie, Saw Mill and Caldwell lake.

Indiana Lake management Society

Indiana Lakes Department of Natural Resources
Adams Lake
Helmerich Lake
Papakeechie Lake
Anne Lake
Heritage Lake
Patoka Lake
Arrowhead Lake
Hidden Valley Lake
Patton Lake
Atwood Lake
High Lake
Pigeon River
Backwater Lake
Hill Lake
Pike Lake
Ball Lake
Hoffman Lake
Pine Canyon Lake
Banning Lake
Hogback Lake
Pine Lake / Clay County
Barton Lake
Holdiay Hide-A-Way Lake
Pine Lake / LaPorte County
Bass Lake / Starke County
Holiday Lake / Fountain County
Pleasant Lake
Beaver Dam Lake
Holiday Lake / Lake County
Pottery Lake
Beck Lake
Holiday Lake / Morgan County
Pretty Lake
Bell Lake
Holiday Lake / Porter County
Princes Lake / Brown Lake
Big Barbee Lake
Holiday Village Lake
Princess Lake / Donald Lake
Big Bass Lake / Porter County
Hollybrook Lake
Princess Lake / East Lake
Big Bower Lake
Hudson Lake
Princess Lake / Hants Lake
Big Cedar Lake
Indian Chain Of Lakes
Princess Lake / Marlin Lake
Big Chapman Lake
Iola Lake
Princess Lake / North Lake
Big Lake
Irish Lake
Princess Lake / Northeast Lake
Big Long Lake
James Lake
Princess Lake / Northwest Lake
Big Otter Lake
Jimmerson Lake
Princess Lake / Riley Lake
Big Turkey Lake
Jones Lake
Princess Lake / White Lake
Big Walnut Creek
Juno Lake
Raccoon Lake
Blackman Lake
Kathy Lake
Ridinger Lake
Boggs Lake
Kekionga Lake
Rockville Lake
Brookville Lake
Kesslerwood Lake
Rocky Fork Lake
Brown Lake
Knapp Lake
Round Lake
Bruce Lake
Koontz Lake
Royer Lake
Buck Lake
Kuhn Lake
Ruby Lake
Caldwell Lake
Lake Of The Woods
Santee Lake
Camelot Lake
Lake On The Green
Saugany Lake
Cataract Lake
Lamb Lake
Saw Mill Lake
Cedar Lake
Langenbaum Lake
Sechrist Lake
Center Lake
LaSalle Lake
Seven Springs Lake
Charles East Lake
LaTonka Lake
Shafer Lake
Charles West Lake
Lawrence Lake
Shipshewana Lake
Christmas Lake
Lemon Lake
Shriner Lake
Clear Lake
Lime Lake
Silver Lake
Coldwater Lake
Little Barbee Lake
Simonton Lake
Cook Lake
Little Cedar Lake
Skinner Lake
Cordry Lake
Little Chapman Lake
Snow Lake
Cottonwood Lake
Little Long Lake / Noble County
South Twin Lake
Crooked Lake / Steuben County
Little Long Lake / Steuben County
Spring Haven Lake
Crooked Lake / Whitley County
Little Maxinkuckee Lake
St. Joseph River
Crystal Lake
Little Otter Lake
Stanton Lake
Dale Lake
Little Turkey Lake
Story Lake
Dallas Lake
Lochaven Lake
Sugar Hills Lake
Dewart Lake
Long Beach Lake
Sullivan Lake
Diamond Lake
Long Lake / Porter County
Sweetwater Lake
Doubletree Lake
Long Lake / Steuben County
Sylvan Lake
Echo Lake
Loon Lake
Syracuse Lake
Edgewood Lake
Louise Lake
Terry Lake
Eliza Lake
Manitou Lake
Thomas Lake
Everette Lake
Martin Lake
Tippecanoe Lake
Fish Lake / LaGrange
Maxinkuckee Lake
Tippecanoe River
Fish Lake / Shipshewana
McClish Lake
Twin Beach Lake
Flint Lake
Michelle Lake
Upper Long Lake
Fox Lake
Michigan Lake
Van Bibber Lake
Freeman Lake
Minifenokee Lake
Wabee Lake
Gage Lake
Mistwood Pond
Waldron Lake
Geist Reservoir
Molly Lake
Wall Lake
George Lake / Lake County
Monroe Lake
Waterstone Lake
George Lake / Steuben County
Morse Reservoir
Waveland Lake
Glen Flint Lake
Mud Lake
Wawasee Lake
Golden Lake
Myers Lake
Webster Lake
Goose Lake
Nelson Lake
West Otter Lake
Grandview Lake
North Chain Lake
Westler Lake
Hackenberg Lake
North Twin Lake
White Lake
Hamilton Lake
Nyona Lake
Williams Lake
Hardy Lake
Ohio River
Winona Lake
Harper Lake
Oliver Lake
Witmer Lake
Harrison Lake
Oswego Lake
Yellow Creek
Heaton Lake
Otter Lake
Yellow Lake

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