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Rangeley Lake, ME

Lake Size: 6,302 acres (2,550 ha)
Shoreline Length (Miles): 32.7 miles (52.6 km)
Deepest Depth: 149 feet (45 m)
Latitude: 44.947417
Longitude: -70.692944
Lake Level Above Sea Level: 1,518 feet (463 m)
Counties: Franklin County
Cities: Franklin County
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The lake is one of the major headwater lakes of the Androscoggin watershed. Its elevation is 1,518 feet (463 m) above sea level and its area is about 10 square miles (26 square km). The lake's depth is shallow near the shore with a central basin averaging about 95 feet (29 m) deep (29 m). The maximum depth is 149 feet (45 m).

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