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Michigan has some of the finest lake houses for sale and lakefront lots in North Central US.

Check out the long list of Michigan lakes below. Find Michigan information including, history, fishing, boating and recreation. Under the lake maps you will find a list of lake real estate and lake homes for sale, or rent. When you find a property you are interested in, use the contact button and follow up with the owner or real estate agent. Please mention you found the listed property at If you care to submit information about any of Michigan's wonderful lakes, please use the contact button. We also welcome listings for businesses, marinas, boat ramps, and real estate brokers that represent lakefront property. Watch our 'lake house videos' to learn about buying lakefront property and see how LakeHouse411 can be the right marketing tool for your lake property. Michigan features lakes Bair, Barton, Head Hemlock, Hopkins, Arnold, Ottawa, Oxbow, Paint, Paw Paw, Pike Creek, and Hubbard Lake.
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Ackley Lake
Green Lake - Jackson County
Nowlan Lake
Adrian Lake
Green Lake - Kent County
Oakland Lake
Algonquin Lake
Green Lake - Oakland County
Oceana County
Alice Lake
Green Lake - Otsego County
Ocqueoc River
Allegan Lake
Green Lake - Washtenaw County
Ogemaw Lake
Anchor Bay
Grey Lake
Omena Lake
Ann Lake
Guernsey Lake
Opal Lake
Antoine Lake
Gull Lake
Ore Lake
Antrim County Chain of Lakes
Gun Lake
Orion Lake
Arbutus Lake
Hagerman Lake
Osborne Lake
Armstrong Lake
Half Moon Lake
Osterhout Lake
Arnold Lake
Hall Lake
Otsego Lake
Arrowhead Lake / Buhl Lake
Hamilton Lake
Ottawa County
Ausable Lake
Hamlin Lake
Ottawa Lake
Austin Lake - Kalamazoo County
Hammond Lake
Oxbow Lake
Austin Lake - Kent County
Hannah Webb Lake
Paint Lake
Austin Lake - Muskegon County
Hart Lake
Paint River
Austin Lake - Osceola County
Harwood Lake
Painter Lake
AuTrain Lake
Head Lake
Palmer Lake
Avery Lake - Chippewa County
Heart Lake
Paradise Lake
Avery Lake - Montmorency County
Hemlock Lake
Paw Paw Lake
Avery Lake - Washtenaw County
Hemlock Lake Cass County
Paw Paw River
Baetche Lake
Herlan Lake
Payne Lake
Bair Lake
Hess Lake / Newaygo County
Pearl Lake
Baldwin Lake
Hidden Lake
Peavine Creek
Banks Lake
Higgins Lake
Pentwater Lake
Bankson Lake
Homan Lake
Perch Lake
Bar Lake
Homer Lake
Pere Marquette Lake
Barron Lake
Hope Lake
Perrin Lake
Bartholomew Lake
Hopkins Lake
Pettibone Lake
Barton Lake
Horsehead Lake
Pickerel Lake / Dickinson County
Base Line Lake / Washtenaw / Livingston County
Horseshoe Lake
Pickerel Lake / St. Joseph County
Baseline Lake / Allegan County
Houghton Lake
Pigeon River
Bass Lake / Fourth Lake - Hillsdale County
Howard Lake
Pike Creek Lake
Bass Lake / Livingston County
Hubbard Lake
Pike Lake / Allegan County
Bass Lake / Mason County
Huellmantel Lake
Pike Lake / Marquette County
Baw Beese Lake
Huntoon Lake
Pine Lake / Barry County
Beadle Lake
Huron Lake / Alcona County
Pine Lake / Cass County
Bear Lake
Huron Lake / Arenac County
Pine Lake / Genesee County
Beatons Lake
Huron Lake / Bay County
Pine River
Beaver Dam
Huron Lake / Cheboygan County
Pipestone Lake
Bel-Air Lake
Huron Lake / Chippewa County
Platte Lake
Bella Vista Lake
Huron Lake / Huron County
Pleasant Lake / Barry County
Belleville Lake
Huron Lake / Iosco County
Pleasant Lake / Branch County
Bennett Lake
Huron Lake / MacKinac County
Pleasant Lake / Cass County
Betsie River
Huron Lake / Presque Isle County
Pleasant Lake / Hillsdale County
Big Bass Lake
Huron Lake / Sanilac County
Pleasant Lake / Jackson County
Big Cedar Lake
Huron Lake / St Clair County
Pleasant Lake / Lake County
Big Crooked Lake
Huron River
Pleasant Lake / Lapeer County
Big Fish Lake - Cass County
Hutchins Lake
Pleasant Lake / Livingston County
Big Fish Lake - Ortonville County
Huyck Lake
Pleasant Lake / Oakland County
Big Lake / Allegan County
Huzzys Lake
Pleasant Lake / St Joseph County
Big Lake / Otsego County
Indian Lake / Cass County
Pleasant Lake / Washtenaw County
Big Manistique Lake
Indian Lake / Grand Traverse County
Pleasant Lake / Wexford County
Big Murphy Lake
Indian Lake / Iron County
Ponemah lake
Big Pine Island Lake
Indian Lake / Kalamazoo County
Porcupine Lake
Big Platte Lake
Indian Lake / Montcalm County
Portage Creek
Big Smith Lake
Indian Lake / Schoolcraft County
Portage Lake / Houghton County
Big Spec Lake
Indian River
Portage Lake / Livingston County
Big Star Lake
Indiana Lake
Portage Lake / Manistee County
Big Twin Lake
Indianhead Lake
Portage Lake / St. Josephs County
Big Wolfe Lake
Intermediate Lake
Portage River / St. Joseph County
Billy Good Lake
Iron Lake
Posey Lake
Birch Lake
Iron River
Pottawattomie Bayou
Bird Lake
Isaacson Lake
Prairie Lake
Bitten Lake
Isabella Lake
Prairie River
Black Lake
Island Lake
Pratt Lake
Black River
James Lake
Pretty Lake
Blossom Lake
Jarvis Lake
Priest Lake
Blue Lake / Gladwin County
Jehnsen Lake
Puterbaugh Lake
Blue Lake - Mecosta County
Jewel Lake
Quarry Lake
Boardman River
Johnson Lake
Quick Lake
Bobby Allen Lake
Jordan Lake
Racine County
Bostwick Lake
Jose Lake
Rainbow Lake
Brandywine Lake
Juno Lake
Rainy Lake
Brevort Lake
Kaiser Lake
Raisin River
Brighton Lake
Kalamazoo Lake
Reynolds Lake
Bristol Lake
Kalamazoo River
Ribeck Lake
Brown Lake
Kassuba Lake
Rice Lake
Brule Lake
Kawkawlin River
Riebeck Lake
Brule River
Keeler Lake
Rifle River
Brush Lake
Kelly Lake
Robbins Lake
Buck Lake
Kelsey Lake
Rocky River
Buckthorn Lake
Kenyon Lake
Rose Lake
Budd Lake
Kinzie Creek
Ross Lake
Bunker Lake
Kleber Lake
Round Lake / Cass County
Burt Lake
Klinger Lake
Round Lake / Hillsdale County
Bush Lake
Kvidera Lake
Round Lake / Lenawee County
Byers Lake
Lake 28
Round Lake / Livingston County
Cable Lake
Lake Huron / Iosco County
Round Lake / Mecosta County
Cadillac Lake
Lake of the Hills
Round Lake / Van Buren County
Camp Lake
Lake of the Woods
Runyan Lake
Campau Lake
Lakeville Lake
Rush Lake
Campbell Lake
Lancelot Lake
Saddle Lake
Canadian Lakes
Lancer Lake
Saddlebag Lake
Canfield Lake
Lapeer Lake
Sanborn Creek
Carpenter Lake
Larks Lake
Sand Lake
Cecilia Lake
Lavine Lake
Sanford Lake
Cedar Island Lake
LeAnn Lake
Sawyer Lake
Cedar Lake
Lee Lake
Schnable Lake
Chandler Lake
Leelanau Lake
School Lake
Chaney Lake
Leslie Lake
School Section Lake / Mecosta County
Chapin Lake
Lewis Lake
School Section Lake / Van Buren County
Charlevoix Lake
Lilly Lake
Scott Lake
Cheboygan River
Lily Lake
Selkirk Lake
Chemung Lake
Lime Lake
Shafer Lake
Chief Lake
Lincoln Lake
Shannon Lake
Chippewa Lake
Lincoln River
Shavehead Lake
Chippewa River
Little Bear Lake
Shawood Lake
Chocolay River
Little Blue Lake
Sherwood Lake
Christiana Lake
Little Cedar Lake
Shinanguag Lake
Christie Lake
Little Crooked Lake
Shingle Mill Lake
Chub Lake
Little Fish Lake
Silk Lake
Cisco Lake
Little Island Lake
Silver Lake / Allegan County
Clarks Lake
Little Long Lake
Silver Lake / Branch County
Clear Lake / Berrien County
Little Muskegon River
Silver Lake / Genesee County
Clear Lake / Presque Isle
Little Paw Paw Lake
Silver Lake / Grand Traverse County
Clear Lake / Schoolcraft County
Little Pine Lake
Silver Lake / Iron County
Clear Lake / St. Joseph County
Little Pleasant Lake
Silver Lake / Kent County
Clearwater Lake
Little Squaw Lake
Silver Lake / Livingston County
Clifford Lake
Little Twin Lake
Silver Lake / Oceana County
Cobb Lake
Little Wolf Lake
Silver Lake / Van Buren County
Cobert Lake
Littlefield Lake
Singer Lake
Coldwater Lake
Lobdell Lake
Sixteen Lake
Columbia Lake
Loch Erin Lake
Sixteenmile Lake
Commerce Lake
Long Lake / Cass County
Smith Bayou
Cora Lake
Long Lake / Cheboygan County
Somerset Lake
Corey Lake
Long Lake / Cloverdale County
South Manistique Lake
County Line Lake
Long Lake / Colon County
Spider Lake
Coverdale Lake
Long Lake / Grand Traverse County
Spring Lake
Cranberry Lake
Long Lake / Ionia County
St. Clair Lake
Crispel Lake
Long Lake / Kalamazoo County
St. Joseph River
Crockery Lake
Long Lake / Livingston County
St. Marys Lake
Crooked Lake / Barry County
Long Lake / Mason County
St. Marys River
Crooked Lake / Emmitt County
Long Lake / St. Joseph County
Stager Lake
Crooked Lake / Kalamazoo County
Long Lake / Three Rivers
Stanford Lake
Crooked Lake / Livingston County
Long Lake / Traverse City County
Stanley Lake
Crooked Lake / Montmorency County
Long Lake - Barry County
Stanton Lake
Croton Lake
Long Lake - Hillsdale County
Starvation Lake
Croton Pond
Loon Lake
Stone Lake
Crystal Lake / Barry County
Loon Lake (Hillsdale County)
Stoney Lake
Crystal Lake / Benzie County
Lost Lake
Stony Lake
Crystal Lake / Gogebic County
Louise Lake
Straits Lake
Crystal Lake / Montcalm County
Lower Lake
Strawberry Lake
Crystal Lake / Muskegon County
Lyon Lake
Stuart Lake
Crystal Lake / Newaygo County
Macatawa Lake
Sturgeon Lake
Crystal Lake / Oceana County
Maceday Lake
Sturgeon River
Curtis Lake
Madron Lake
Sugarbush Lake
Cushman Creek
Maggie Lake
Sunset Lake
Davis Lake
Magician Lake
Superior Lake / Alger County
Deer Lake
Manistee Lake
Superior Lake / Baraga County
Derby Lake
Manistee River
Superior Lake / Chippewa County
Detroit Lakes
Manitou Lake
Superior Lake / Ontonagon County
Devils Lake
Manuka Lake
Susin Lake
Dewey Lake
Maple Lake
Swan Lake
Diamond Lake
Marble Lake
Swede Lake
Diane Lake
Margarethe Lake
Sylvan Lake
Dickerson Lake
Marl Lake
Taho Lake
Doc and Tom Lake of the Pines
Martiny Lakes
Tamarack Lake
Dodge Lake
Martiny Lakes / Evans Lake
Templene Lake
Donnell Lake
Martiny Lakes / Tubbs Lake
Tepee Lake
Doster Lake
Mary Lake
Thomas Lake
Dowagiac River
Maston Lake
Thompson Lake
Driskels Lake
Matteson Lake
Thornapple River
Duck Lake
McDonald Lake
Thousand Island Lake
Dumont Lake
McFall Lake
Three Legged Lake
Dunham Lake
McNally Lake
Three Mile Lake
Dyer Lake
Mead Lake
Thunder Lake
Eagle Lake / Cass County
Mecosta Lake
Tillitson Lake
Eagle Lake / Kalamazoo County
Medora Lake
Torch Lake
Eagle Lake / Van Buren County
Menominee River
Townline Lake
East Lake
Merry Lake
Triangle Lake
Eight Point Lake
Michigamme lake
Trout Lake
Elk Lake
Michigamme Reservoir
Tull Lake
Emerald Lake
Michigan Lake / Allegan County
Turtle Lake / Benzie County
Emerson Lake
Michigan Lake / Benzie County
Turtle Lake / Calhoun County
Emily Lake
Michigan Lake / Berrien County
Twin Lakes / Cheboygan County
Erickson Lake
Michigan Lake / Charlevoix County
Twin Lakes / Lake County
Erie Lake
Michigan Lake / Delta County
Twin Lakes / Muskegon County
Escanaba River
Michigan Lake / Emmet County
Twin Lakes / Roscommon County
Evans Lake
Michigan Lake / Leelanau County
Tyrone Lake
Fair Lake
Michigan Lake / Mackinac County
Union Lake
Farmers Lake
Michigan Lake / Manistee County
Upper Silver Lake
Fawn Lake
Michigan Lake / Mason County
Utley Lake
Fenton Lake
Michigan Lake / Menominee County
Van Auken Lake
Fife Lake
Michigan Lake / Muskegon County
Van Etten Lake
Fifteen Lake
Michigan Lake / Oceana County
Vermilac Lake / Worm Lake
Finch Lake
Michigan Lake / Ottawa County
Vermilion Lake
Fine Lake
Michigan Lake / Racine County
Vineyard Lake
Fish Lake / St. Joseph County
Michigan Lake / Schoolcraft County
Vogel Lake
Fisher Lake
Michigan Lake / Traverse County
Voorheis Lake
Five Lakes
Michigan Lake / Van Buren County
Wabasis Lake
Flat River
Middle Lake
Wagner Lake
Flint River
Mill Lake
Wall Lake
Ford Lake
Mill Pond Lake
Walled Lake
Forest Lake
Miner Lake
Walloon Lake
Frontage Lake
Minkler Lake
Walnut Lake
Gallagher Lake
Minnewaukan Lake
Wamplers Lake
Garver Lake
Mona Lake
Washburn Lake
Gaylord Lake
Monterey Lake
Waubascon Lake
Geneserath Lake
Montreal River
West Arm Grand Traverse Bay
George Lake
Moon Lake
West Bass Lake / Marquette County
Gilbert Lake
Moraine Lake
West Branch Lake
Gilead Lake
Morrison Lake
West Lake / Muskegon County
Gilletts Lake
Morse Lake
West Londo Lake
Gogebic Lake
Mud Lake
West Maggie Lake
Goguac Lake
Mullett Lake
West Saddlebag Lake
Golden Lake
Munson Lake
West Twin Lake
Goodrich Lake
Murphy Lake
Wetmore Lake
Goshorn Lake
Murray Lake
White Lake
Grand Haven Channel
Muskegon Lake
White River
Grand Lake
Muskegon River
Whitmore Lake
Grand River
Muskellunge Lake
Wiggins Lake
Grand Traverse Bay
Muskrat Lake
Wildwood Lake
Grand Traverse Lake
Myers Lake
Wilkinson Lake
Grass Lake
Ned Lake
Williams Lake
Gravel Lake
Neganunee Lake
Wilson Lake
Great Bear Lake
Nepessing Lake
Wixom Lake
Green Lake
Nevins Lake
Wolf Lake
Green Lake - Allegan County
Noah Lake
Wolverine Lake
Green Lake - Antrim County
North Lake
Woodard Lake
Green Lake - Grand Traverse County
North Manistique Lake
Woodland Lake
Green Lake - Houghton County
Norway Lake
Zukey Lake
Green Lake - Ionia County
Nottawa Lake

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