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Minnesota has some of the finest lake houses for sale in northern US.

Review the list of Minnesota lakes below. Use our information including, history, fishing, boating and recreation. Under the lake maps you will find a list of real estate and lake homes for sale, or rent. You will also find Minnesota waterfront real estate. When you find a lake property you are interested in, use the contact button and follow up with the owner or real estate agent. Please mention you found the property at If you care to submit information about any of Minnesota's wonderful lakes, please use the contact button. We also welcome listings for businesses, marinas, boat ramps, and real estate brokers that represent lakefront property. Watch our 'lake house videos' to learn about buying lakefront property and see how LakeHouse411 can be the right marketing tool for your lake property. Minnesota's wonderful lakes include Baby, Ash Lake, Geneva, Grand, Poquet, Potato, Omsrud and Ottertail Lake.
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Minnesota Lakes Information
10th Crow Wing Lake
Fish Hook Lake
Ochotto Lake
11th Crow Wing Lake
Fish Hook River
Okabena Lake
7th Crow Wing Lake
Fish Lake / Hennepin County
Olaf Lake
Adley Lake
Fish Lake / Kanabec County
Oliver Lake
Aerie Lake
Fish Lake / Otter Tail County
Omsrud Lake
Allie Lake
Five Point Lake
Onamia Lake
Almora Lake
Florida Lake
Osakis Lake
Amber Lake
Forest Lake
Oscar Lake
Amelia Lake
Fourteen lake
Ossawinnamakee Lake
Andrusia Lake
Fox Lake
Otter Lake
Arbo Lake
Francis Lake
Ottertail Lake
Armstrong Lake
Franklin Lake
Pelican Lake
Arvilla Lake
Fremont Lake
Pelican River
Ash Lake
Garden Lake
Peltier Lake
Ash River
Geneva Lake
Pepin Lake
Augusta lake
George Lake
Pickerel Lake
Baby Lake
German Lake
Pleasant Lake
Bad Medicine Lake
Gilstad Lake
Pocket Lake
Bald Eagle Lake
Goose Lake
Pokegama Lake
Ball Bluff Lake
Grand Lake
Pomme de Terre Lake
Barnum Lake
Granite Lake
Poquet Lake
Barrs Lake
Grant Lake
Portage Lake
Bass Lake
Grass Lake
Potato Lake
Bassett Lake
Grave Lake
Potato River
Battle Lake
Green Lake
Pulaski Lake
Bear Island Lake
Grill Lake
Rabbit Lake
Bear Island River
Gull Lake
Rainy Lake
Beauty Lake
Hall Lake
Rainy River
Beaver Pond
Hancock Lake
Ramsey Lake
Beebe Lake
Hanska Lake
Red Lake River
Belle Taine Lake
Height of Land Lake
Rice Lake
Beltrami Lake
Heilberger Lake
Richardson Lake
Benedict Lake
Hendricks Lake
Riley Lake
Benton Lake
Hill Lake
Roberds Lake
Betsy Lake
Hoffman Lake
Round Lake
Big Birch Lake
Hook Lake
Roy Lake
Big Carnelian Lake
Hoot Owl Lake
Rum River
Big Cormorant lake
Horseshoe Lake
Rush Lake
Big Deep Lake
Howard Lake
Ruth Lake
Big Detroit Lake
Hubert lake
Sagar Lake
Big Elbow Lake
Hungry Lake
Sakatah lake
Big Fish Lake
Ice Cracking Lake
Sand Hill Lake
Big Floyd Lake
Ida Lake
Sand Lake
Big Fork River
Inguadona Lake
Sand Point Lake
Big Green Lake
Island Lake
Sarah Lake
Big Lake
Jackson Lake
Sauk Lake
Big Mantrap Lake
Jefferson Lake
Scandinavian Lake
Big Marine Lake
Jenkins Lake
Shagawa Lake
Big Pine Lake
Jessie Lake
Shaokatan Lake
Big Sandy Lake
Juergens Lake
Shetek Lake
Big Sauk Lake
Juggler Lake
Shutz Lake
Big Stone Lake
Julia Lake
Side Lake
Big Too Much Lake
Kabekona Lake
Silver Lake
Big Whitefish Lake
Kabetogama Lake
Sisseton Lake
Big Wolfe Lake
Kerbs Lake
Smith Lake
Birch Lake
Knife Lake
Snider Lake
Black's Lake
Knife River
Snowbank Lake
Blackduck Lake
Koetter Lake
Somers Lake
Blue Lake / Hubbard County
Kroon Lake
South Center Lake
Blue Lake / Isanti County
Lake of the Woods
South Long Lake
Boise Creek
Latimer Lake
South Silver Lake
Boot Lake
Lax Lake
Spectacle Lake
Borden Lake
Le Homme Dieu Lake
Spider Lake
Boy Lake
Leaf Lake
Spirit lake
Brainerd Lakes
Leander Lake
Spring Lake
Buchanon Lake
Leech Lake
Spruce Lake
Budd Lake
Leek Lake / Trowbridge Lake
St. Croix River
Buffalo Lake
LeMay Lake
St. Louis River
Burntside Lake
Lida Lake
Star Lake
Cannon Lake
Lilly Lake
Stockhaven Lake
Caribou Lake
LIndstrom Lake
Stone Lake
Carlos Lake
Lingroth Lake/ Spoon Lake
Stony Lake
Caroline Lakes
Little Birch Lake
Stony River
Cass Lakes
Little Cormorant Lake
Strawberry Lake
Cedar Lake
Little Elk Lake
String Lake
Centerville Lake
Little Fork River
Sturgeon Lake
Charlotte Lake
Little Hanging Horn Lake
Sugar Lake
Charlotte Lake / Martin County
Little Markam Lake
Sullivan Lake
Chisago Lake
Little Pine Lake
Superior Lake / Cook County
Circle Lake
Little Rabbit Lake
Superior Lake / Lake County
Clam Lake
Little Rock Lake
Superior Lake / St. Louis County
Clamshell Lake
Little Sauk Lake
Susan Lake
Clear Lake
Lobster Lake
Swede Grove Lake
Clearwater Lake
Locke Lake
Sylvan Lake
Clitherall Lake
Long Lake
Sylvia Lake
Coe Lake
Loon Lake
Tamarack Lake
Cokato Lake
Lords Lake
Tanners Lake
Cole Lake
Lotus Lake
Ten Mile lake
Coon Lake
Louisa Lake
Third Silver Lake
Cormorant Lake
Lower Whitefish Lake
Tom Lake
Cottonwood Lake
Luna Lake
Traverse Lake
Cowdry Lake
Lynden Lake
Trillium Lake
Crandall Lake
Madison Lake
Trulse Lake
Crane Lake
Maple Lake
Tulaby Lake
Crookneck Lake
Maria Lake
Turtle Lake
Cross Lake
Marion Lake
Twelve Lake
Crow Wing Lake
Mary Lake
Twin Lakes
Crystal Lake
May Lake
Two Inlets Lake
Daigle Lake
McAvity Lake
Union Lake
Darling Lake
McCraney Lake
Upper Cormorant Lake
Dead Lake
McGowan Lake
Upper Red Lake
Dean Lake
Melissa Lake
Upper South Long Lake
Deer Lake
Middle Cullen Lake
Variety Lake
Deer River
Middle Leaf Lake
Vermilion Lake
Detroit Lakes / Eagle Lake
Middle Spunk Lake
Vermilion River
Detroit Lakes / Elbow Lake
Mill Lake
Villard Lake
Detroit Lakes / Little Floyd Lake
Mille Lacs Lake
Waconia Lake
Diamond Lake
Miltona Lake
Wadena Lake
Diann Lake
Miners Lake
Walker Lake
Donald Lake
Mink Lake
Washington Lake
Eagle Lake / Carlton County
Minnetonka Lake
West Crooked lake
Eagle Lake / Hennepin County
Minnewaska Lake
West L'Admiral Lake
Eagle Lake / Kandiyohi County
Minnewawa Lake
West Leaf Lake
Eagle Lake / Sherburne County
Mirror Lake
West Rush Lake
Eagle Lake / Wright County
Mississippi River / Crow Wing County
West Stone Lake
Eagles Nest Lake
Mississippi River / Houston County
West Twin Lake
Earl Lake
Mississippi River / Waubasha County
White Bear Lake
East Crooked Lake
Mississippii River / Sherburne County
White Iron Lake
East Leaf Lake
Moose Lake
Whiteface Reservoir
East Rush Lake
Moran Lake
Williams Lake
East Stone Lake
Morrison Lake
Willow Lake
Echo Lake
Mound Lake
Willow River
Elbow Lake
Mow Lake
Wimer Lake
Elephant Lake
Mud Lake
Wisel Creek
Elizabeth lake
Mule Lake
Wolf Lake
Elk Lake
Myrtle Lake
Woman Lake
Esquagama Lake
Nest Lake
Wynne Lake
Fall Lake
Nord Lake
Zumbro Lake
Farm Island Lake
North Center Lake
Fawn Lake
Norway Lake

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