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Tenkiller Lake, OK

Lake Size: 12,900 Acres
Shoreline Length (Miles): 130 miles
Deepest Depth: 165 feet
Latitude: 35.658056
Longitude: -94.991944
Lake Level Above Sea Level: 632 feet
Counties: Sequoyah County
Cities: Cookson
Lake Management: United States Army Corps of Engineers

Information: Tenkiller Ferry Lake, or more simply, "Lake Tenkiller," is a reservoir in eastern Oklahoma formed by the damming of the Illinois River. The earth-fill dam was constructed between 1947 and 1952 by the United States Army Corps of Engineers for purposes of flood control and hydroelectric power generation. The lake covers 12,900 acres (52 kmĀ²) and has a shoreline of over 130 miles in the Cookson Hills of the Ozark Mountains of Cherokee and Sequoyah counties, about seven miles (11 km) northeast of the town of Gore a few miles from highway 10. One of the townships bordering this lake is Aqua Park, at the far southwestern edge of the lake.
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Tenkiller Lake is the clearest body of water in Oklahoma. Nearly 13,000 acres provide ample space for a wide variety of boating activities that cover sailing, scuba diving, water skiing, wakeboarding, innertubing, fishing, cruising, lounging and jet skiing. There are several full service marinas on the lake that provide fuel, snacks, swimwear, water toys, and a few items that may have been dropped overboard. Four of the marinas, Pine Cove, Barnacle Bill's, Burnt Cabin and Sixshooter, also serve as floating restaurants that allow casual dress straight from the lake. There are also several businesses and marinas that are available to assist any boater that experiences accidents or breakdowns. Refer to the business directory for our business members.
Fishing and wildlife resources at Lake Tenkiller provide a wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities. Year-round fishing is good with black bass, white bass, striped bass, crappie, catfish, bream and walleye, with rainbow and brown trout stocked in the Illinois River below the dam. The trout fishery on the river attracts many visitors, as does the Illinois River above the lake which attracts canoeist and rafters. Three heated fishing docks offer winter fun for crappie fishing. Lake Tenkiller is a popular lake for fishing tournaments. Striped bass are also common in the lower Illinois River with several state record fish coming from its waters. The current state record was caught in July 1996 by Louis Parker of Gore. Fishing is a year-round activity with each season producing its own fun and challenges.
Attractions near the lake include scuba diving, camping, hiking, fishing, golfing, water sports, scenic nature, fishing, and hunting. In addition there are eight miles of trout fishing. There are also ten marinas, fourteen parks, 24 boat launching ramps, three floating restaurants, and many islands including Goat Island which is famous for the goats that inhabit it. Other than the goats, many other animals inhabit the area including Canadian geese, ducks, monarch butterflies, warblers, and bald eagles.

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