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Wateree Lake, SC

Lake Size: 13,250 Acres
Shoreline Length (Miles): 216 miles (348 km)
Latitude: 34.411111
Longitude: -80.792222
Lake Level Above Sea Level: 148 ft (45 m)
Counties: Kershaw County
Cities: Rabon Crossroads

Information: Lake Wateree is a 13,250 acres (50 km2) reservoir in Kershaw County, South Carolina in the United States. It is one of South Carolina's oldest man-made lakes. It has 216 miles (348 km) of shoreline and includes Lake Wateree State Recreation Area, a bird refuge, and Shaw Air Force Base Recreation center. Its name, like that of the river, recalls the now-extinct Wateree Native Americans, who lived in the area until dispossed by European settlers.
  • Fishing
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Lake Wateree is another South Carolina lake known for its great fishing and bountiful wildlife. The fish include Largemouth Bass, Striped bass, Trout, White Perch, White bass, Crappie, Channel catfish, Arkansas Blue Catfish, Shellcrackers,Bream. Other wildlife that call Lake Wateree home include deer, fox, squirrel, turtle, dove, turkey, alligator and various species of duck, hawk, eagle, egret and osprey.

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