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Tellico Lake, TN

Lake Size: 15,560 Acres
Shoreline Length (Miles): 357 Miles
Deepest Depth: 78 ft
Latitude: 35.7777
Longitude: -84.2597
Lake Level Above Sea Level: 925 ft (282 m)
Counties: Loudon County
Cities: Knoxville
Lake Management: Tennessee Valley Authority

Information: Tellico Dam was planned as an extension to the Fort Loudon project. It diverts the flow from the Little Tennessee River to Fort Loudon Lake. Construction on the Tellico Reservoir began March 7, of 1967, and the filling of the reservoir began November 29, 1976. The construction of the dam was delayed due to the discovery of a new species of fish that at the time had not been found anywhere else in the world. The new species was called a Snail Darter and has since been found elsewhere. The construction was finally completed in 1979. Tellico Dam is located one mile south of Fort Loudon Dam, and is 129 feet high and 3,238 feet long. The total cost of the Tellico Reservoir was $141,000,000. The dam creates a navigational waterway up the Little Tennessee River, which offers access for barges heading up the river. The canal between Tellico and Fort Loudon lakes provides barges access to Tellico without the need of a lock.
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There is good fishing for trout and largemouth bass, and the lake is stocked with walleye and rainbow trout.
Address: Tennessee Valley Authority Little Tennessee Watershed Team 260 Interchange Park Drive, LCB 1A-LCT Lenoir City,TN,37772-5664 Phone: 865-632-1300 Email: Directions: From Knoxville, go south on I-75 and take exit 81. Go east on Highway 321 and cross Fort Loudoun Dam. Turn right on Highway 444 and Tellico Lake will be on your left.

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