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Havasu Lake, AZ

Lake Size: 19,300 Acres, 45 miles long
Shoreline Length (Miles): 400 miles of coastline
Deepest Depth: 35 feet
Latitude: 34.2964
Longitude: -114.1397
Lake Level Above Sea Level: 575 feet
Counties: Mohave County
Cities: 40 miles South of Havasu

Information: Lake Havasu City has a well-deserved reputation as a raucous Spring Break destination. In Spring college students fom around the West descend on Lake Havasu to party on the lake by day and in the clubs by night. Lake Havasu City is a thriving tourist town with plenty of lodging, tours, rentals and shopping to support even the largest of Spring Break crowds. Lake Havasu itself is 45 miles long and is actually a Colorado River reservoir that was created when the Parker Dam was completed in 1938. It is a desert lake surrounded by cliff walls and offers plenty of room for boating. The London Bridge was quite literally falling down when it was replaced by the City of London in 1968. Almost 140 years of tidal river flow along the Thames had weakened the foundation and London planners needed a stronger, modern bridge to handle the town's increased traffic growth. Purchased at auction by town founder Robert McCulloch for just under $2.5 million, the individual stones were numbered and taken apart piece by piece, shipped to the United States and then reassembled in the Arizona desert. Once the bridge was complete, the ground underneath the arches was dredged away, creating water flow and forming a fabulous island around which Lake Havasu City could create its tourist economy. The bridge opened in 1971 and has been delighting visitors ever since. The London Bridge Resort Village, a British-themed tourist area surrounds the bridge district and offers guests English dining fare, traditional British crafts and a taste of European culture in the heart of the American southwest. Lake Havasu City is also home to the famed London Bridge and under the bridge there is an English Village of shops and restaurants. Lake Havasu City is located on the Colorado River on the Western Border of Arizona. It is about 60 miles south of Bullhead City. Phoenix is 200 miles southeast. View Area Map.
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Choose your style of lake recreation because this oasis of sandy beaches, coves, inlets, canyon walls, desert landscape, and cool waters beckon all who seek adventure, fun and romance whether for months, a week vacation or a weekend getaway from the hectic grind of city life. Bring your own or rent watercraft for power speed-boating, water-skiing, jet skiing, sailing, kayaking, houseboating or fishing for trophy striped bass, largemouth bass, trout, crappie and catfish. Lake Havasu is a popular spot for fishing tournaments and there are several fishing guides that will take you to the best fishing spots. The lake is also host to many boat races and regattas including the International Jet Sport Association's World Finals which takes place annually. This event is the "Super Bowl" of personal watercraft and jet-ski racing.

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Fish species-Sunfish, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, Crappie, Sunfish, Catfish (Channel), Catfish (Flathead), Carp, Turtles. If you enjoy seeing the backcountry scenery, Lake Havasu also offers thousands of square miles for your off-highway enjoyment under the supervision of the Bureau of Land Management. The lands in these designated areas are completely open to dune buggies, motorcycles and 4WD vehicles, making Lake Havasu your premier off-road thrill ride. Try hiking one of the many trails that wind through the rocks that surround the lake. The Mohave Sunset Trail is an easy 1.5 miles that takes you through some desert lowlands in addition to hugging the shoreline, providing an excellent way to view some of the over 350 species of birds and animals that call the Lake Havasu riparian area home. If you want a more challenging hike, try the three mile Slot Canyon Trail known as Crack in the Wall at SARA Park Wash. The trailhead for this hike is found just south of Lake Havasu City and leads visitors through some of the most colorful and geologically diverse terrain in all of Arizona. Be prepared for some serious climbing and fabulous scenery as you make your way across rock ledges, over several dry falls and down into the lake itself at Balance Cove. Wild animal lovers will enjoy both the Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge at the south rim of the lake and the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge along the lake's western edge. While several isolated coves have been set aside for biological study, these wildlife refuges also have public access areas that provide excellent bird watching and habitat observation points. The nearby Topock Gorge is abundant in wildlife including big horn sheep, wild burros and coyotes with many sightings of falcons and peregrine. On the Arizona side of Lake Havasu there are 125 campsites on the shores of the lake spanning from Lake Havasu City to Parker Dam. Most of the camping sites include picnic tables, shade, bbg grills, pit toilets and trash receptacles. Moderate fees apply and campgrounds are available on a first come basis.
Lake Havasu is a very popular houseboating destination indeed and it's not hard to see why - the shorelines are dramatic, the fish are hopping, and the lake is wide and beautiful. Plan your next Lake Havasu houseboat rental vacation today!

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