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Bull Shoals Lake, AR

Lake Size: 45,150 Acres
Shoreline Length (Miles): 700 mile (1,120 km)
Deepest Depth: 210 ft (64 m)
Latitude: 36.365278
Longitude: -92.575
Lake Level Above Sea Level: 654 ft (199 m)
Counties: Baxter County
Cities: Harrison
Lake Management: Army Corps of Engineers

Information: Bull Shoals Lake, located in both Missouri and Arkansas, is not only a very popular attraction for fans of the outdoors, but also houses a dam that is the fifth largest of its kind in the United States. The lake resides on the White River, roughly 60 miles south of Springfield, Missouri and around 170 miles north of Little Rock, Arkansas. Construction of the dam that forms Bull Shoals Lake was started in 1947 and completed in 1953. It can be found 7 miles north of Cotter, Arkansas. In 1952, commercial generation began on Bull Shoals, with the powerhouse and switchyard finishing construction in 1953. The final two generation units were installed in December of 1963, completing construction at an estimated cost of $86,000,000. Bull Shoals is one of four multiple purpose projects constructed in the upper White River Basin, along with Norfork, Table Rock , and Beaver Lake, for the control of floods and the generation of hydro electric power. Bull Shoals has also become an excellent home to many recreational activities.
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Boating on the lake is in accordance with local boating laws and Corps of Engineers regulations. Regulations governing operational requirements of boats may be obtained from the Bull Shoals Project Office near the dam. Operate your boat in a controlled safe manner at all times. Sudden swift rises may occur when water is being released for power. A horn will sound when water releases begin and red lights will blink during the time water is being released. Heed the warning. Bull Shoals Lake has numerous hazards. Be especially careful for submerged stumps, logs, fences, and other obstructions particularly in shallow water and along the shoreline.
Fish Found in Bull Shoals:- *Blue Catfish, *Bluegill, *Brown Trout, *Channel Catfish, *Crappie, *Flathead, Catfish, *Lake Trout, *Largemouth Bass, *Rainbow Trout, *Smallmouth Bass, *Spotted Bass, *Striped Bass, *Walleye *Warmouth, *White Bass,
Bull Shoals Lake is a man-made lake or reservoir in the Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas and southern Missouri. It has hundreds of miles of lake arms and coves perfect for boating, water sports, swimming, and fishing. Nineteen developed parks around the shoreline provide campgrounds, boat launches, swim areas, and marinas. Bull Shoals DamBull Shoals Lake was created by one of the largest concrete dams in the United States. Work on the dam began in 1947, was completed in 1951 and dedicated by President Truman in 1952. At least seven small family cemeteries and 20 larger cemeteries were meticulously relocated to accommodate the new lake. Bull Shoals Lake is an impoundment of the White River. Bull Shoals is the farthest lake downstream in a chain of four man-made lakes that include (from upstream to downstream) Beaver Lake, Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo. The lake is controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers and has the primary purpose of flood control. The level of the lake fluctuates regularly with a normal pool level elevation of 654 feet above sea level, which is locally known as powerpool. However, the lake regularly fluctuates between an elevation of 630 to 680 feet. The dam can retain water in the lake to a maximum elevation of 695 feet. Bull Shoals Lake covers 45,000 acres (182 km²) with a 700 mile (1,120 km) shoreline at powerpool to more than 70,000 acres (284 km²)with a 1,000 mile (1,600 km) shoreline at 690 feet. The bottom of the lake consists of bedrock with very limited vegetation. The shoreline is heavily forested. Bull Shoals-White River State Park is a 725 acre (2.9 km²) park both above and below the massive dam. Facilities, including camping, pavilions, dock and interpretive programs, stretch along the banks of the White River.

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