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Lillinonah Lake, CT

Lake Size: 1,547 Acres
Shoreline Length (Miles): 45 Miles
Deepest Depth: 90 ft
Latitude: 41.4479
Longitude: -73.296
Lake Level Above Sea Level: 190 ft
Counties: New Haven County
Cities: Newtown Area

Information: From its headwaters in the Housatonic River in New Milford, Lake Lillinonah extends 12 miles to the Shepaug Dam, covering 1900 acres to a maximum depth of 110 feet with 45 miles of shoreline, much of it steep hillside that rises 200 feet or more above the water line. Connecticut Light and Power created Lake Lillinonah in 1955 as a source of hydroelectricity and flood control. The dam's 57,000-horsepower turbine drives a 43,000-kilowatt generator in what is Connecticut's newest and largest hydroelectric plant. Canoe and kayak enthusiasts as well as pleasure boaters, fishermen and water skiers enjoy the lake in the warm months and, if the weather is cold enough, fisherman also dot the ice in the winter. The lake is a haven for wildlife. Bald Eagles have discovered that the tailrace below the Shepaug Dam is a good source for fish. Some 40 or so of these magnificent birds make Lake Lillinonah their home from November or December until March. The birds may be observed from the CL&P lookout above the dam.
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Bass, Crappie, Sunfish, Black Crappie, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Bullhead Catfish, Perch, Catfish Pike Lake Lillinonah is also one of Connecticut's premier fishing lakes. The state record for the largest Northern Pike was set there. According to the Connecticut DEP Fisheries Division electro surveys of fish populations, Lake Lillinonah ranks first in the state for Bass growth rates and among the highest in the state for Bass population densities. Walleye were introduced into the lake in the late 1950's, but the stocking program was abandoned when the fish did not reproduce. There is a small population of Northern Pike.

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